Suwannee Live Golf Cart Drive-In November 13 & 14: New & Improved!

What a great update for this festival coming up Friday and Saturday! Thanks, Beth Judy and the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park!

Lyndsay Pruett


Long ago, in a galaxy all too close, the announcement of impending shutdowns following the first weekend of March had everyone trepidatious. How soon would things shut down? Would festivals the next weekend be held… or cancelled? A precious few did go on, but most, in an abundance of caution, decided to cancel. These were absolutely last-minute decisions, and nobody was more disappointed that all those involved — fans, musicians, vendors, and support personnel of all stripes — with Suwannee Spring Reunion at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida.

Then came the announcement that Suwannee Roots Revival, which would have been last weekend, was also cancelled, although quite a few folks camped at the park and held campfire jams anyway.

But now, some great news. The folks at SoSMP have put in Herculean work renovating the park while it was empty, which should delight all who visit. And that should really thrill everyone who is planning to attend Suwannee Live Golf Cart Drive-In on the weekend of November 13 and 14. Tickets go on sale this morning, Friday, October 23, at 10 a.m.

Featured both nights will be The Larry Keel Experience and The Grass is Dead, two of the park’s absolute favorite musical guests. The Saturday show will feature one more: Nikki Talley!


The Larry Keel Experience are: Larry Keel, guitar, vocals; Jenny Keel, bass, vocals; and Jared Pool, mandolin, vocals. Keel recently performed at the Walk-In Concert at Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company; see much more here with Jody Carbone’s photo essay!

The Larry Keel Experience – 📷: Jody Carbone


The Grass is Dead have been performing bluegrass versions of the Grateful Dead and related music since 1998. Their late-night Suwannee Hulaween slot last year prompted us to write:

I scurried back to Spirit Lake to hear the incomparable The Grass is Dead. There might not be a better Dead tribute band than these guys. We had just received the news of Paul Barrere’s passing, and in tribute they played an awesome “Skin It Back.” Billy Gilmore and the boys truly had it dialed in on “Help Is On the Way > Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower.”

The Grass is Dead shot by Zach Sanders


Outstanding singer, songwriter, and guitarist Nikki Talley and her guitar-playing husband, Jason Sharp, are SoSMP regulars. The couple, joined by tour manager Eva, will perform Saturday. Talley also plays clawhammer banjo, and Sharp plays bass as well as they intertwine folk, Americana, bluegrass, and more into their sets. They’ve been on this mission for six years now. Eva has only been on tour for three years, primarily because she is only three years old.

Jason Sharp and Nikki Talley


This should be a grand return to the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park!

Suwannee Live Golf Cart Drive-In

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