New EP ‘Fondue Party’ from Polyrhythmics

Back in the spring, Seattle’s funkified Polyrhythmics released their new album Man from the Future, their first on Color Red Music. Apparently, they had more up their collective sleeves at the time.

Fondue Party is a concept record of tunes recorded during the Man from the Future sessions but deliberately saved for this EP. This collection of songs explores the group’s downtempo, chilled-out side with heavy dub influence. While past releases mirror the group’s live performances with diverse and dynamic sets taking you on a journey with lots of twists and turns along the way, Fondue Party fits a vibe of its own and is intentionally different than past releases. The EP will also commemorate the band’s tenth anniversary and serves as special treat to longtime fans while making ears perk up for new listeners.


Drummer Grant Schroff shared this:

“We wanted to do something different this time. It feels appropriate given all the changes happening in our world and 2020 marking the 10th anniversary of the band’s existence. We wanted to make an EP that has a vibe to it as a whole. As COVID rages on and the weather turns colder, we will once again be retreating back into our homes. We wanted to offer a record that people can reach for when they want to light a candle and have a chill night at home, take a puff and do the dishes or have a Fondue Party with some close friends.”

“Zion” is the first track released, and it is truly a departure from what we have heard from Polyrhythmics previously. There is a distinct jamtronic trance-dance feel to it, centered on Nathan Spicer’s synths. The simple guitar figure and rhythm track propel the song, with tremendous accents from Morning, Brown, and Clark. They set up a tremendous slow groove and keep the tension building through the seven and a half minutes of the track.

Polyrhythmics are: Ben Bloom, guitar; Grant Schroff, drums; Karl Olsen, percussion; Jason Gray, bass; Nathan Spicer, keyboards; Scott Morning, trumpet; Art Brown, tenor sax, flute; and Elijah Clark, trombone.

“Zion” was produced by Jason Gray & Polyrhythmics. Gray was the tracking engineer at Studio Aleth and did the mixing at Blue Mallard Recording. It was mastered at Doug Krebs Mastering.


Color Red

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