Magnolia Roads Presents Notes For Votes III Virtual Festival

Magnolia Roads is proud to present its eighth virtual festival this year and the third and last in the Notes For Votes series, an effort to encourage all Americans to participate in our voting process. Appropriately, the theme is expressed in Tim Easton’s song “Don’t Spectate, Participate.”

Magnolia Roads’ Notes For Votes III virtual festival is teaming up with HeadCount, Virtual Festival, and 19 artists who embody American roots music to get out the vote this Sunday, October 18. Alice Wallace, Andrew Leahey, Andrew Sheppard, April and Monroe Grisman, Aram Danesh, Chad Elliott, Chip Greene, David Gans, David Newbould, Don Gallardo, Jason Daniels, Mike Younger, Monroe & April Grisman, Natchez Tracers duo, Pete Delaney, Rich Mahan, Sara Rodenburg, The Royal Hounds, The Truehearts, and Tommy Womack come together singing and strumming, jamming and rocking to inspire folks to vote.

Join and watch the free Magnolia Roads presents Notes For Votes III virtual festival live broadcast Sunday, October 18, 4-7 p.m. EDT, 3-6 CDT, 2-5 MDT, 1-4 PDT on:


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Alice Wallace

• April & Monroe Grisman of Kana Mota

Andrew Leahey

Andrew Sheppard

• Aram Danesh

Chad Elliott

Chip Greene

David Gans

David Newbould

Don Gallardo

Jason Daniels 

Mike Younger 

Natchez Tracers duo 

• Pete Delaney of Avocado Sundae and The Grain

Rich Mahan 

Sara Rodenburg 

The Royal Hounds 

The Truehearts 

Tommy Womack

Magnolia Roads 


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