Great New Tune “Manifest” from Denver’s Dragondeer

I was obsessing on the chanting nature of the vocals at the end of ‘Acknowlegement’ on John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. “Manifest” started off as my poor man’s attempt at honoring that vibe.

So says Eric Halborg of Dragondeer, explaining the genesis for this new track from the Denver band. He explains in depth:

I was planning on attending a full moon seance at Cheeseman Park in Denver put on by our local Metaphysical & Witch Ware emporium, RitualCravt. The event was canceled due to heavy rain, but I decided to don the rain ware and head to the park still. I was obsessing on the chanting nature of the vocals at the end of “Acknowledgement” on John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme at the time. Something about the rain rhythm on my hood that night pulled the words “Manifest the Light, Manifest Tonight” out, and it fell into a cadence of my poor-man’s attempt at honoring Coltrane’s “Love Supreme” chant. The song’s lyrics and vocal melodies all came out on the walk to the park through my neighborhood alleys. The moon indeed peaked out through the clouds eventually that night, a moon glow inspiring words speaking to the setting of intentions of one’s desires and bringing them into one’s own actual existence.

As the song began to take shape, Halborg and Dragondeer found themselves at Color Red Studios with an amazing list of collaborators, including Eddie Roberts, Jordan Linit, Todd Stoops, Will Trask, and the TNERTLE horn section (Leah Concialdi, Alice Hansen, and Jon Kenney).

The track jumps out immediately with the Aftrobeat vibe of Fela Kuti and all his musical progeny. The horns slam it into overdrive immediately before we get that defining chant. The rhythm section of Casey Sidwell (bass) and Carl Sorensen (drums) does the cat-herding necessary with so much talent bubbling over here. The jam goes deep and wide about four minutes in, horns first, then Todd Stoops with a great spin on keyboards, followed by Halborg (Cole Rudy?) on guitar. As the chant picks up, Roberts insinuates himself into the conversation as the song powers to its climax. “Manifest” is part of a full-length album produced by Eddie Roberts to be released on Color Red in 2021.

Dragondeer are: Eric Halborg – Vocals, Guitar (Electric); Casey Sidwell – Bass Guitar (Electric); Cole Rudy – Guitar (Electric); and Carl Sorensen – Drums. They were joined by: Jordan Linit – Guitar (Electric); Todd Stoops – Electric Organ; Eddie Roberts – Guitar (Electric); Leah Concialdi – Baritone Saxophone; Alice Hansen – Trumpet; and Jon Kenney – Trombone. Josh Fairman was tracking engineer and producer at Color Red Studios. He did the mixing at Laskin Productions, and Doug Krebs was mastering engineer.


Color Red


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