Turkuaz Release Single with Jerry Harrison, Adrian Belew

Those Turkuaz kids have been busy. They released their concert film None’s a Ton, recorded Beatles songs, and produced video segments called “Hey You, Stay Tuned.” They were supposed to have been touring with Jerry Harrison and Adrian Belew as Remain in Light before COVID-19 had another idea.

The collective did finally release their first single, “Ophidiophobia,” and last week Turkuaz, Harison, and Belew played the song during virtual ROO-ALITY, last weekend’s event sponsored by Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and the Bonnaroo Works Fund, supporting and raising awareness for the ACLU Foundation and HeadCount.

Turkuaz leader Dave Brandwein explained:

We had always planned on doing a little bit of Turkuaz material in the upcoming ‘Remain in Light’ tour with Adrian Belew and Jerry Harrison. Once the pandemic hit and the tour was postponed, I started to think this would be a really nice track to have those guys on.

Added Josh Schwartz (baritone sax and vocals):

A poisonous but beautiful tropical vine with red and black features reminded me of snakes, of which Indiana Jones is famously afraid, so I realized I could combine imagery and words from both placeholder titles to write a song involving snakes. When I found out that the fear of snakes is a word as beautiful and strange as ophidiophobia, I knew this song had to be written.

Brandwein again:

I think most of us took a small amount of these mushroom capsules I had. Turns out they weren’t so ‘micro’ and some of us had a bit more of an experience than we’d planned for. But we carried on and tried to let the grooves take over! Once Taylor Shell started on this bass line I think we may have just jammed on it for about 40 minutes straight.

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