New Animated Lettuce Video for “Silence is Golden”

When we were delighting in the newest Lettuce album Resonate back in May, song after song knocked us out. Then we came to this one:

Now serving straight-up ’70s fusion! “Silence is Golden” is lovely, Nigel Hall evoking Thrust-era Herbie Hancock with the shimmering electric piano and synths, and Ryan Zoidis took a fine tenor sax solo. It’s a delicate tune with a deluxe bass line and a great false ending!

Lettuce ‘Resonate’ cover designed by Harriet Woodman

The New York funksters have just released a marvelous animated video for the track. Black Balloon Media are responsible for the wonderful graphics exploding with color; Brad Strickman was the director and Carolyn Arcabascio lead illustrator.

Guitarist Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff noted:

“With this video, we want to take you on a visually stunning, colorful journey into a fantastic storybook-like world that invokes peace and inspires creativity. We want to make the connection resonate between ourselves, nature, and the spirit that binds us all together.”

Drummer Adam Deitch offered:

“The connection of nature to music is essential to understand. The sound of the leaves swaying in the soft breeze along with the crickets and birds singing, can be very inspiring. This song represents a quiet place that resides in all of our minds that can bring peace to our souls. Lettuce meditate to the golden silence.”


Carolyn Arcabascio explained,

“Working on the art, it was amazing to me how Lettuce’s music already felt so visual. You can just imagine the colors as the song goes from dreamy and trance-like to energetic and explosive. A total dream project for an illustrator.”



Black Balloon Media

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