Magnolia Roads NOTES FOR VOTES Virtual Festival II

Magnolia Roads hosted five spring/early summer virtual festivals featuring 45 diverse artists/acts from 13 states and five countries. Now they are back with another important event Sunday with some favorites and new artists as well.

Magnolia Roads NOTES FOR VOTES Virtual Festival II, in partnership with, will livestream Sunday, September 20, the second in a series of grassroots non-partisan virtual festivals to get out the vote featuring artists who embody American roots music.

Join us for this free online event 3-5 p.m. CT on Facebook with the links below. No tips; not raising money for any cause. We’re all volunteering our time to encourage everyone to vote.

Magnolia Roads Notes for Votes
Virtual Festival 2020
Magnolia Roads

Register to vote, check your registration, request mail-in ballots, and more voter info at

Watch on and

Schedule of Magnolia Roads Notes For Votes Virtual Festival series:

• September 20 – celebration of the 19th amendment vote early and vote

• October 18 – VOTE!!!


MUSICIAN LINKS for September 20

Amelia White
Emily Zuzik Holmes
Vera Anderson
Xolie Morra Cogley
Ginger Cowgirl
Lauren Anderson
Erin O’Dowd
Jenny Van West
Clare Means

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