Death by Dub Release New Single “Simulation”; EP ‘Resurrection’ Drops Friday

Death by Dub is a Colorado collective led by Dan Africano and Scott Flynn drawing influence from dub-heavy producers Lee Perry and King Tubby and iconic reggae instrumentalists Tommy McCook and Rico Rodriguez. Africano plays bass in Ghost Light, Elephant Wrecking Ball, John Brown’s Body, and Denver Reggae Social Club, probably more. Flynn plays trombone with Elephant Wrecking Ball, ODESZA, and Pretty Lights.

For Death by Dub, part of the Color Red family, they rounded up the usual suspects: Drew Sayers (The Motet), tenor saxophone; Ryan Jalbert (The Motet), electric guitar; Mike Tallman, electric guitar; Jonny Jyemo, drums; and Wylie Jones, acoustic piano.

“Simulation” is the tenth single released by Death by Dub. On Friday, September 18, they will drop the EP Resurrection. Track listing:

Milk Dub
Special Request (vocal by Elliot Martin)
Special Request (instrumental)

The new song features the beautiful pairing of Sayers on tenor and Flynn on trombone playing over the bouncing dub beat and great guitar work from Jalbert and Tallman. From their press release:

“Simulation” uses lush jungle imagery to convey rebirth and the joy of feeling alive. The tune uses a lighthearted drum pattern called a flying cymbal beat together with a melodic bassline as a nod to legendary ska/reggae bassist Val Douglas.

The tracking engineer was Josh Fairman at Color Red Studios. Africano did the mixing at La Casita Azul, and it was finished at Doug Krebs Mastering.


Death by Dub
Color Red

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