Countdown to ‘Escape,’ New Album from BIG Something

Last month, BIG Something played a series of four live-streamed shows called Escape from the Living Room. Nowcomes Phase 2: Countdown to Escape. Escape is the band’s new album scheduled for release on October 9. They have already unveiled “Timebomb” from the album.

This new song is deep funk. Jesse Hensley’s chunky funky guitar opens before Doug Marshall drops a ton of bass (and doesn’t let up). Nick MacDaniel handles the vocal, including a hip hop section. Woodwind master Casey Cranford sounds like he is playing baritone at first in the background and has a compact alto solo later. Josh Kagel’s synths weave in and out the entire track, and of course Ben Vinograd keeps everybody on time from kit. Hensley also knocks out a great solo. And the video IS hippy trippy deluxe!


The show on October 9 will be the album release show. Preorders are available on the BIG Something website.


BIG Something


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