Countdown to ‘Escape’ Begins Saturday for BIG Something, Next Single Here

Way back last week, we noted that series of BIG Something live-streamed shows called Escape from the Living Room, and also mentioned that Phase 2: Countdown to Escape is set to premier this Saturday, September 12. Escape is the band’s new album scheduled for release on October 9. They have already unveiled “Timebomb” from the album, and now there is a new song to enjoy: “Dangerous.”

“Timebomb” was deep funk. This new tune is killer rock; this thing shows of the band’s prog side. And the video is fabulous, a mash-up of knights and people in robes and, naturally, a UFO and an alien. All six of the boys — Jesse Hensley, Doug Marshall, Nick MacDaniel, Casey Cranford, Josh Kagel, and  Ben Vinograd — feature prominently in the action. You’ll love the song; the video takes it to another dimension entirely.



The show on October 9 will be the album release show. Preorders are available on the BIG Something website.


BIG Something

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