We’re All Living in a ‘Dreamland’ – Glass Animals Album Review

“Pulling down backstreets deep in your head, Slipping through dreamland like a tourist”: the opening lines to the first song of Glass Animals‘ third album, Dreamland, immediately takes you out of your current reality and into a dream-like state. Dreamland is full of mystic sounds and hip hop-inspired beats, with lyrics speaking to past childhood experiences and relationships.


With live music on hold, many of us music fans are left reminiscing on life pre-pandemic, making Dreamland’s theme and timing quite appropriate. Dave Baylay, Glass Animals front man, interrupts the album four times with home videos from his childhood, “((home movie; 1994)),” “((home movie; btx)),” “((home movie; rockets)),” and ((home movie; shoes on)),” to further push the album’s message of reflecting on the past and confronting it. Outside of the home videos, there are many other references to the ’90s that can be pulled out in songs like, “Tangerine,” “Melon and the Coconut,” and especially “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.”

To add to Dreamland’s layers, many of the songs heavier topics are disguised with an upbeat tone and reference people and/or characters as food. By using this tactic, it allows the reality of his past to seem a little less intense, which is something human beings tend to do naturally when thinking of past memories.

When comparing Dreamland to the first two albums, ZABA and How To Be A Human Being,  it shows us beautiful growth from the band. Glass Animals express a more vulnerable side, exposing many of Baylay’s past and very personal experiences that make this album one of their most cohesive works of art yet. From the nostalgic sound to the album artwork and music videos, Glass Animals hit home for many old fans, and new.

Glass Animals had just set out for their Déjà Vu tour in February 2020, with plans to debut Dreamland at one of the largest music festivals in the U.S., Bonnaroo, but due to life’s unfortunate circumstances, the tour had to be put on hold, leaving fans more eager than ever to hear them live.

To pre-order Dreamland, go to Glass Animals’ ’90s-inspired website (links below).






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