The New Mastersounds: “Less is More” x 4

Last week, we posted about the great new track from The New Mastersounds with Lamar Williams Jr. called “Less is More.” And we knew that July was the month when some great remixes of NMS songs would be released, including a remix of “Shake It” with Pimps of Joytime and “Let’s Go Back” with Iñaky Garcia.

The original track was recorded the track during a session at Color Red Studios during their 20th anniversary shows in Denver, and Williams recorded the final lyrics at his home in Atlanta.

The New Mastersounds are: Eddie Roberts, guitar; Joe Tatton, organ; Pete Shand, bass; Simon Allen, drums; and Lamar Williams Jr., vocals. Mike Olmos, trumpet; and Jason Mingledorff, saxophone, give the song that extra kick. Roberts produced the original track and was tracking and mixing engineer at Color Red StudiosDoug Krebs handled mastering.

Then producer Marcos Florez gave this one a remix whirl, and out came “Less is More (Los Chicos Altos remix).”

The original track was dancehall-ready to begin with, and Florez kicked that up a notch. Each successive remix went even deeper into the club, next with Iñaky Garcia taking it full-on Hamilton Bohannon!

Now Oli Stewart (Casbah 73) has given the song a deep funky electronic bounce. You know you’re boppin’!

Here are all four in Spotify form for your pleasure!

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