Second Single from Upcoming Lotus Album Out: “Bjorn Gets a Haircut”

Last month, we were happy to announce that Lotus, who formed in 2001, will mark their 20th year with their tenth studio recording Free Swim, scheduled for August 21. “Catacombs” was released in July; now we get the second single, a dance party masquerading as a song in “Bjorn Gets a Haircut.” The in-studio, animated video was filmed at Spice House Sound in their hometown of Philadelphia, where the entire album was recorded earlier this year.

Lotus are: Mike Greenfield, drums; Jesse Miller, bass, sampler; Luke Miller, guitar, keyboards; Chuck Morris, percussion; and Mike Rempel, guitar.

Luke Miller:

“‘Bjorn Gets a Haircut’ is a head-bopping cosmic disco tune. It takes cues from the Nordic disco playbooks of producers like Todd Terje and Lindstrom. The main hook is a Mellotron vocal ‘Oh’ patch leading into a chorus of slick chromatic chord changes on the piano. The guitar takes over in the middle for an improvisatory freeride.”

Jesse Miller:

“Video was shot while we tracked live at Spice House Sound. The animation was created using the same live-reactive system I have been building for Lotus’s live show. I used triggers from the drums and other music elements while tweaking parameters live on a MIDI controller, and all of these data interact with randomized and evolving calculations in the custom video generation program.”

Lotus will return to the live stage on Friday, September 4, for one night only as part of the Live-In/Drive-In concert series, presented by Live Nation Philadelphia and Budweiser Zero in partnership with the Philadelphia Phillies, in the parking lot adjacent to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Jesse Miller adds:

“It has without a doubt been a trying time for everyone. As a band who has built our sound, following and career around live performances, it has been tough to cancel show after show. With all that in mind, we are embracing the chance to play this unique drive-in show. While it might be different than packing onto a dance floor, we hope we can take this opportunity to capture the magic and energy that is improvised music played live.”


Our most recent Lotus encounter was the pair of spectacular shows they threw down on Jam Cruise 18 last January. They lit up Day 1:

When I walked into the theater to see Lotus, I had to do a double-take. There was incredible horn-driven funk pouring from the stage. Sure enough, it was the livetronic quintet with Cory Wong’s jaw-dropping horn section. After they left, Lotus moved back to their signature trance-dance with some beautiful pairings, sometimes twin guitars with Luke Miller and Mike Rempel, sometimes Luke on synths and brother Jesse Miller on bass and samples, all propelled by Mike Greenfield on drums and percussionist Chuck Morris.

They also crushed their Pool Deck set.

[Free Swim: Catacombs, Turtlehead, Free Swim, Sepia Rainbow, One-Eyed Jones, Bjorn Gets A Haircut, Straight Blade, Earl of Grey, Snake Island, Land of the Lush]



And catch Jesse Miller with Eli Winderman of Dopapod and Charlie Patierno as Octave Cat plays a livestream show from Ardmore Music Hall August 15!

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