New Music from Miami-based TWYN: ““Good Wolf, Bad Wolf”

TWYN are a collaboration from two outstanding Miami-area musicians who play in other bands as well. Keyboard wizard Jason Matthews is a member of the great fusion quartet Electric Kif, and he performs often backing Roosevelt Collier. He also has four Latin Grammy nominations for his production on Danay Suarez‘s critically praised album Palabras Manuales. Drummer Aaron Glueckauf is a member of the excellent funk band Lemon City Trio. The two have been making collaborating since 2010, starting the underground hip hop group The Politix.

Last August, they released their great two-song single ii. (note that the title of the release is “ii.”). This followed the duo’s three previous singles: “Dystopia” (2018), “You Say” (2018), and their first single, “Cast Me Out,” from 2017. Then, in December, they were back with Side B.


It’s time for more great new music from experimental nu jazz duo, and Friday (August 14) they debuted their single “Good Wolf, Bad Wolf” from the upcoming EP Eudaimonia, due out this winter. The single and record mark an evolution in the band’s songwriting and builds on their highly celebrated recent double single releases – “ii” and “ii. (b).”

“Good Wolf, Bad Wolf” expands upon their style of instrumental songwriting by building on their chanting lyrical style — a thread that they will continue to develop as they share more from the new EP.

We all look for a way,
Just to fall and get up.
Lead me on right away…

TWYN explain:

Good Wolf, Bad Wolf is based loosely on the fable of the “two wolves” and the idea that we feed two wolves inside of us — and the one you feed more is the one you ultimately become. The lyrics explore the grappling with these two forces inside of us, often caught in limbo between both worlds. Glueckauf’s spacey vocals guide us through this inner battle within a landscape of warm yet moody analog synth ambiences and textures created by Matthews. Driving these ethereal and celestial layers throughout the track are electronic and live drums that are seamlessly woven together. This cosmic fusion of electro soul, psychedelia and jazztronica is core to TWYN’s sound and their instinctive embrace of eclecticism.


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