Joan Osborne Saying What We Think: “That Was a Lie”!

Joan Osborne is sharing what many, many of us are feeling right now in the current situation and the run-up to November 3. Perhaps you can relate:

My new single “That Was A Lie” is now out everywhere!

I get so enraged watching these polished, camera-ready mouthpieces for our government just straight up lying to us. And journalists seem unable use the word “lie” when talking about this: their coverage is full of euphemisms like “falsehoods” or “misstatements.” But these are just blatant lies, and I think it’s important not to sanitize them, to call them what they are. People in power are abusing the public trust, whether it’s government officials or the insurance industry or the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, and I believe we need to call them on it in no uncertain terms. To quote Bob Dylan, “I just want you to know I can see through your mask.”

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This is the fourth track from Trouble and Strife, following following “Take It Any Way I Can Get It,” “What’s That You Say,” and “Boy Dontcha Know.”

Osborne’s is one of many important voices we count upon to help keep our democracy in check.


Joan Osborne

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