Clever New Single “City Kids” from Karina Rykman

If you’ve seen Marco Benevento’s awesome trio over the past few years, then you know Karina Rykman, his bass player extraordinaire. Rykman also leads her own band. We caught them at last year’s Suwannee Hulaween:

I dragged myself away to check out Rykman. I’d never seen her, either. Or at least I didn’t think so until I realized that she plays with Marco Benevento. The Karina Rykman Experience hit the stage, and frankly I don’t know if any of us anticipated see such an amazing guitar player at the end of five long days, but Adam November simply blew us away, as did Ms. Rykman, with Chris Corsico on drums. I thought I’d seen it all; I was wrong. WOW.

Karina Rykman – Mandi Nulph / Snow Bear Studios

Her brand new single, “City Kids,” is a riot, making fun of city kids who “don’t walk on grass.” Rykman observes,

“‘City Kids’ is unbridled joy meets lunatic sunshine. A left-of-center uptempo celebration with a cynical and self-deprecating account of why growing up in Manhattan can make a person out of touch with societal norms and suburban customs – like pumping gas, camping, and certainly walking on grass. All while pulsing bass lines and synthesizers push the dance party onwards. I play bass and synths, Adam November on guitar, and Chris Corsico on the drums.”

Rykman also talks about the recording,

“The studio we were going to record in back in March, The Bunker, safely reopened with many protocols in place in early July, since NYC’s COVID transmission rate has been so consistently low. We rescheduled our long-lost March session and did a day of tracking with two days of mixing. The engineer, Todd Carder, was behind glass, and I was separated from my two bandmates in individual tracking rooms as well. Definitely not the usual ‘oh, let’s run back to the control room and listen to the last take!’ vibe that usually comes with studio time, but they did a great job playing back our takes to us in the tracking room and making things feasible. Different times, man!”

The groove is relentless! And there is more music on the horizon from Rykman. Hope it’s as great as this one!

[Feature image by Michael DiDonna.]


Karina Rykman Experience – Scott Hopkins

Karina Rykman

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