The Rolling Stones Start to Unmask Goats Head Soup 2020

Mark your calendars: SEPTEMBER 4.

That’s the day the huge release of Goats Head Soup 2020 will be available, featuring unheard, tracks, demos, outtakes, live performances, and more.

Goats Head Soup 2020 will be available as a 4-LP box set or a 4-CD box set.

Two of the unheard tracks are now out. The first one is “Criss Cross.”

And The Rolling Stones have just released the second one, titled “Scarlet.”

This one featured Jimmy Page on guitar and Rich Gretch (Family, blind Faith) on bass.

The album was originally recorded in Jamaica in November and December 1972, and it was released in the U.S. on August 31, 1973.

We should learn more in the next five weeks! Looking forward to September 4! Find much more information on the official website.

The Rolling Stones

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