The New Mastersounds: “Less is More”… and More

This new collaboration between The New Mastersounds and vocalist Lamar Williams Jr. has already reaped enormous benefits with no end in sight. In addition to that, the group has been busy releasing some great remixes of their music such as “Shake It” with Pimps of Joytime and “Let’s Go Back” with Iñaky Garcia and a collaboration with Lucas de Mulder.

From the press release:

“Less is More” is an uncomplicated anthem that doesn’t need to be situated during a pandemic to resonate. Williams collaborated with The New Mastersounds’ Joe Tatton prior to the band’s appearance at Jazz Fest 2019, tossing around ideas over a busted A/C and contemplating how life should be “Hakuna Matata” with everybody getting along. Williams reflects on how the human race tries to justify egotistical moments through social media, DIY culture, and getting caught up in the little things. “Tune into your reality and realize less is more,” he laments, “Tune into your family and what’s around you and be grateful for simplicity. These aren’t deep lyrics—they’re not drawn out. While writing this song, I realized that I don’t need everything and my brother’s right here with me. We’re just knocking this out.”

The New Mastersounds recorded the track during a session at Color Red Studios during their 20th anniversary shows in Denver, and Williams recorded the final lyrics at his home in Atlanta. Here is the quarantine version:

The New Mastersounds are: Eddie Roberts, guitar; Joe Tatton, organ; Pete Shand, bass; Simon Allen, drums; and Lamar Williams, vocals. Mike Olmos, trumpet; and Jason Mingledorff, saxophone, give the song that extra kick. Roberts produced the original track and was tracking and mixing engineer at Color Red StudiosDoug Krebs handled mastering.


But wait! There’s more! Producer Marcos Florez gave this one a remix whirl, and out came “Less is More (Los Chicos Altos remix).”

Not enough? Fine. Expect two more remixes on August 7!



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