“Push On” — Slammin’ New Single from Opposite Box

There aren’t enough words available to describe just how much we’ve missed Opposite Box, an experimental, psychedelic rockin’ funk machine out of Chattanooga. Fair warning, though: these boys ain’t right in the head, not by a Long shot.

Opposite Box

That’s just one of the reasons they’re so damn good. Their live performances are nothing less than electrifying. Just to give you an idea, this is what happened the first time MusicFestNews and Opposite Box crossed paths at The BIG What? 2015.

Ryan Long of Opposite Box – The BIG What? 2015 – David Lee / Gypsyshooter

So you see what we mean. And this new single, “Push On,” is killer. And you can raise that to the power of awesome with this brilliant new video. Guitarist Richard Dick Long said:

“The uplifting lyrics and video, which features a predominantly female cast of local and regional roller skaters, have really been resonating with our fans.”

Opposite Box are: Ryan Long, vocals, keys, trombone; Richard Dick Long, guitar; Ryan Guza, drums; Chandler Patty, bass; and Lili Hayes, vocals.

Everything works to perfection on this song. Guza and Patty lay down an incredibly nasty groove, and immediately Ryan Long jumps on his phalanx of keyboards, especially organ and synths. Ryan is a great singer, but paired here with the great Lili Hayes, daughter of Isaac, the two absolutely shimmer. There is so much to see and hear at an Opposite Box show, but Richard Dick Long is one of the most badass guitarists out there, and you can take that to the bank. He crushes here.

Suffice to say that the lady skaters are AWESOME!

“Push On” is up on oppositebox.bandcamp.com as a Pay-What-You-Can download. If someone can donate, OB will use that to keep bringing new music in 2020. But if people can’t afford to spend, they still want them to be able to download the song and not miss out. “Push On” is from an upcoming album titled A Multitude of Color.

Double your pleasure: here is a live version in a quarantine session at Helm Studios in Chattanooga June 22.


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