Pimps of Joytime Provide Joyous Remix of The New Mastersounds’ “Shake It”

We’ve been missing Pimps of Joytime, and just like that here they are with a dynamic retooling of “Shake It,” the title track from The New Mastersounds’ 2019 gem, the first album since their collaboration with vocalist Lamar Williams, Jr. The Brooklyn-based Pimps have always rocked the funk, soul, dance and pop for which they are so justly praised, and this remix is Afro-Latin-centric. Brian J. of the Pimps of Joytime, the mastermind, producer, and creative force behind the band, did this one up right. Get ready to groove!

This is one in a series of brand new singles and remixes by The New Mastersounds on Color Red Music. Here is the original album track by NMS for comparison. More grooves, more often!

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