New Lotus Album Due August 21, First Single “Catacombs” Here

How, exactly, do you describe the band Lotus? Even they offer a number of options on the band’s Facebook page: Rock, Electronic, Post-Rock, Jamband, Electro. We would also suggest funk, jazz, experimental, and more, all of which you might hear at a single Lotus show. Well, back when there were live Lotus shows. We’ll settle for the livestreams right now.

Lotus – Jam Cruise 18 – Dave Vann

Lotus, who formed in 2001, mark their 20th year with their tenth studio recording Free Swim, scheduled for August 21. In the meantime, they’ve released the first single from the ten-song album, track 1: “Catacombs.” This is good a first look at Lotus as you can get: a dance party of a song, bouncy, joyous, jazzy, with the super-clean guitar lines, propulsive percussion, and infectious grooves for which they are deservedly known and loved.

Lotus are: Mike Greenfield, drums; Jesse Miller, bass, sampler; Luke Miller, guitar, keyboards; Chuck Morris, percussion; and Mike Rempel, guitar.

[Free Swim: Catacombs, Turtlehead, Free Swim, Sepia Rainbow, One-Eyed Jones, Bjorn Gets A Haircut, Straight Blade, Earl of Grey, Snake Island, Land of the Lush]






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