kNOw Justice! kNOw Peace! Stream for Equality

Tune in this Saturday, July 18, at 4 p.m. EDT for the kNOw Justice! kNOw Peace! Stream for Equality on, CashorTradeStreams, Osiris Media, Vimeo, and Twitch. JamCast, The Common Wealth Collective, and Take Blaction have partnered to produce kNOw Justice! kNOw Peace! Stream for Equality, the first of a series of online music and cultural education fundraisers centered around the racial equality and justice movement.

kNOw Justice! kNOw Peace! acknowledges systemic racism as a disease in American culture & upholds education through performing arts as the remedy. They have teamed up with TakeBlaction, a fully decentralized and volunteer-based initiative, to fundraise for Social Justice Matters, America SCORES NY, and more to be announced.

Doom Flamingo – Electric Forest – Photo credit: Filip Zalewski

Hosts for the livestream include Alan Evans (Soulive, Vintage League Music), Laranah Phipps-Ray (Cosmic Krewe), and Greg Knight (Turnaround Arts, Publicist – Goose, Jamflow Management). Partners Include JamCast Network, Take Blaction, The Common Wealth Collective, Royal Artists Group,  CashorTrade, Loose Leaf Talent Agency, and Omni Arts Group, with more to be announced.

And the music! Start with the incredible synthwave funksters Doom Flamingo, Zion I, jazz/hip hop/funk purveyors Ghost-Note, and superb guitarist Mark Lettieri. Add to that Angelo Moore of Fishbone, Papa John Gros, Cosmic Krewe and Friends (with Michael Ray and members of Bare Naked Ladies, Sun Ra Arkestra, Instant Funk and more), Alric “AC” Carter and Isaac Teel of TAUK, Nick Cassarino (The Nth Power) and Erin Boyd (Phantom Vanity), Shaun Martin, After Funk, Joslyn and the Sweet Compression, JC aka Triple Threat, The Sweet Life, Will Blades, Zach Brock, The A-Beez, Pelaiah Auset, Nicole and Scotty, Camryn Jackson, Rob Dixon and Trilogy, and Brickdrop.

Kim Dawson

There will be interviews and panels with Nahbi Reality (Wu-Tang affiliate), Kim Dawson, Delia McGee (Take Blaction), Erin Boyd, Richard “Ranch” Guerra, and Victoria Zajac.

The event begins at 2 p.m. EDT and runs until midnight on Saturday, July 18.


kNOw Justice! kNOw Peace! Stream for Equality


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