Kill Lincoln Releases 2nd Song from Upcoming Album ‘Can’t Complain’

Have you been looking for a workout video that will give you 30 minutes of cardio in less than two minutes and sounds great, too? Have we got just the thing for you: “Ignorance is Bliss,” the second song from Kill Lincoln’s new album Can’t Explain, to be released August 7 on Bad Time Records in the US, 1138 Records in Japan, Pookout Records in the UK. It’s a ‘Quarantine Dance Party’ video! 

DC’s Kill Lincoln play full-frontal, no-holds-barred, rage-in-your-face ska-punk with crushing horns, and their high-energy music is the perfect response to all of the madness surrounding us right now.

Kill Lincoln — This photo was taken last year, clearly in anticipation of our current situation!

Kill Lincoln are: Mike Sosinski, guitar, vocals; Matt “Food” Ellis, sax, vocals; Tyler Rodgers, drums; Alan Moore, trombone; CJ Uy, bass, vocals; Yasutaka Umemoto, trombone; and Drew Skibitsky, hype, beach balls, ancillary percussion.

Mike Sosinski said:

I always pictured the video for “Ignorance Is Bliss” being a giant dance party with all our friends… but because of quarantine our options for getting together and filming were obviously a bit limited. We wanted to make sure if we filmed ourselves it didn’t look like every other quarantine video, so we tried recording ourselves dancing and singing to the song at half speed… which was WAY harder than it seemed with such a fast song. Either way, the raw results had us laughing our asses off, so we knew the idea would stick. We had a blast making this video, and can’t wait for the inevitable dance party the next time we get to play the song live.”

In order to double your pleasure, here is the first single issued from the upcoming album, “Confession Obsession.”

If you didn’t quite get the total workout you needed, play ’em again!



One more, just for good measure:

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