Jimkata Returns with Amazing New Video “Wanna Go”

We’ve been missing Jimkata for a couple of years, as they went on hiatus; their most recent album is In Motion from 2016. To say they’re back would be a huge understatement. The new single “Wanna Go” — and the magnificent video that accompanies it — are amazing. The trio’s self-description as “Anthemic Synth-Washed Rock ‘n Roll” is remarkably spot-on.

Jimkata Returns with Amazing New Video “Wanna Go”

The song is at once bouncy, spacy pop and mesmerizing trance-dance, and the video enhances that feeling. It plays on the concept of a picture within a picture within a picture within… well, quite a few pictures, actually. The trio explain,

“It took on an extra layer of meaning for us after the pandemic began and we all started quarantining, stuck in our houses and apartments, staring into our phones, longing for a different world and becoming overly acquainted with our immediate surroundings.”

Jimkata are: Evan Friedell, Aaron Gorsch, and Packy Lunn.




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