Four of a Kind; The Marcus King Band Stream Live from Nashville feat. Billy Strings, Maggie Rose



The show must go on! In a world where group gatherings have been put on an indefinite hold, this has never been more true. Last night The Marcus King Band kept true to this promise with the second in a four-part live stream concert series dubbed Four of a Kind. The series, featuring special musical guests and collaborators living in the Nashville area, gives a glimpse into what may be the immediate future of “live” performance.


Marcus King at The Jefferson Theatre shot by Jody Carbone.

Starting off soft and slow, it was clearly a momentary adjustment playing to a mostly empty room while still playing to the crowd at home, but King clearly gained his footing quickly, and the show was business as usual after the first song. Covers of wonderful songs from artists no longer with us such as John Prine and Mac Miller filtered between originals. Guests came and went, such as the magnificent Maggie Rose, who not only belted mesmerizing harmonies but also debuted a song she co-wrote with Marcus called “What Makes You Tic.”


King and Strings featuring Marcus King and Billy Strings Rooster Walk shot by Jody Carbone

Shortly after Rose departed the stage she was replaced by the rising star Billy Strings.  Opening with a cover of “Hickory Wind” by The Byrds, this du0 paraded their way though songs meant to inspire in what seems like a bleak time. While the finishing song of John Lennon’s “Power to the People” was quite beautiful, especially with Maggie Rose and Billie Strings both in accompaniment, it was the penultimate song “I’d Love to Change the World” that struck the deepest cord to me.

I’m still astounded with the evening’s production value, with great camerawork and no pulled punches on things like lighting. At one point my heart actually did a minor leap as full-blown lasers started dancing. It had clearly been too long since I got to take in a proper show. I can’t wait until the next Four of a Kind show on 7/27/20.


Each episode of Four of a Kind is available to stream on demand after it airs until August 11. Tickets available here:


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