Concert Review: Bush Live in Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based alternative rockers Bush performed a live virtual arena show in Los Angeles, just one day after the release of the band’s highly anticipated new album The Kingdom.

It has been five long months since Bush last rocked the stage, and longtime fans of the multi-platinum English rockers have been waiting impatiently for the band’s latest release and performance, since the last time they saw Bush was on February 28 at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. With the release of their eighth studio album, the live event was exactly what home-bound rock music lovers of the band needed. In what can only be described as one of the best virtual concerts of the year, it’s clear Bush was in fine form during their 90-minute live performance. With Gavin Rossdale on lead vocals, Chris Traynor on lead guitar, Corey Britz handling the bass, and newest member Nik Hughes pounding on the drums, there was little doubt what was to come from the first drum beat to the final guitar lick: tonight was about giving the fans what they have been thirsting for, a night of fist-pumping rock. Hughes joined the band earlier this year after replacing longtime drummer Robin Goodridge.

Chris Traynor and Nik Hughes of Bush perform in Los Angeles.

For the fans, Bush streamed a free rock show with the hopes of raising awareness of the importance of voting and the celebration of the band’s first album since they released Black and White Rainbows in 2017. Bush rocked the stage at an undisclosed venue in Los Angeles with a performance that was nothing short of epic. The well-produced show included all the elements of a tour concert, including exceptional lighting, superb audio quality, and even an added element with concert crowd noise that kept the band rocking non-stop during their set.

Gavin Rossdale of Bush performs in Los Angeles.
Bush bassist Corey Britz performs in Los Angeles.

Bush opened their set with the “The Kingdom,” the live debut of the title track from the just-released album. The set list included two more new songs, “Quicksand” and “Blood River.” The Kingdom has already racked up over 20 million audio and video streams and contains several highly acclaimed songs, including “Flowers On A Grave” and “Bullet Holes.” The highlight of the night included a solo performance by Gavin Rossdale with an altered-lyric version of hit song “Glycerine.” The 13-song set list included: The Kingdom (live debut), Bullet Holes, Quicksand (live debut), Everything Zen, The Disease of the Dancing Cats, The Sound of Winter, Flowers on a Grave, Machinehead, This is War, Blood River (live debut), Little Things, Glycerine, and Comedown.

Chris Traynor, Gavin Rossdale and Nik Hughes of Bush perform in Los Angeles.

One of the most underrated frontmen in rock, Bush lead vocalist Gavin Rossdale has consistently delivered a real rock show since first taking the stage in 1992. His energy captivates the audience as he  bounces all over the stage like a teenage rocker trying to win the hearts of his fans. At this point of his career, Rossdale has nothing left to prove; he and the rest of Bush continue to remain relevant and a prominent force in the oversaturated music scene. It is performances like this one that continue to draw fans and ignite the fire for the band to continue releasing new music and perform before packed audiences. As the pandemic rages on, fans will remain distanced from seeing Bush in a live setting; until then fans must wait until they can again rock out with the band live.

Bush performs Blood River live in Los Angeles.
Chris Traynor and Gavin Rossdale of Bush perform in Los Angeles.
Bush performing in Los Angeles.
Gavin Rossdale of Bush performs in Los Angeles.
Chris Traynor and Nik Hughes of Bush perform in Los Angeles.
Gavin Rossdale of Bush performs in Los Angeles.
Bush drummer Nik Hughes performs in Los Angeles.
Gavin Rossdale of Bush performs Glycerin during a live concert in Los Angeles.


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