You’re Invited to the Dinner Party with Kamasi Washington, Robert Glasper, Terrance Martin, and 9th Wonder

The newest supergroup melds several rising jazz stars with hip hop sensibilities as we get to hear the first single from an upcoming album from Dinner Party, featuring new stars Kamasi Washington, tenor saxophone; Robert Glasper, piano; and Terrace Martin, alto saxophone; and 9th Wonder, hip hop producer/rapper.

Dinner Party

“Freeze Tag,” the first song released from the eponymous album due out July 10, features Phoelix, the Chicago vocalist, and he is also on three other tracks on the album.

The beauty of the mid tempo vibe and Phoelix’s gorgeous voice belies the power behind the lyrics, especially as they have finally received the national attention they require:

Dinner Party

They told me put my hands up behind my head
I think they got the wrong one
I’m sick and tired of runnin’
I been searchin’ where the love went
I been lookin’ for a dove
Then they told me if I move
They gon’ shoot me dead.

Dinner Party track listing

01  Sleepless Nights (featuring Phoelix)
02  Love You Bad (featuring Phoelix
03  From My Heart and My Soul (featuring Phoelix)
04  First Responders
05  The Mighty Tree
06  Freeze Tag (featuring Phoelix)
07  LUV U

Dinner Party

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