The Adventures of Dr. Gordz, Professional Therapist

This week we got to see the third in a series of videos featuring Dr. Gordz, Professional Therapist, as portrayed in cartoon form by Mike Gordon of Phish. These clever videos have been lovingly created by Nicholas Setteducato, filmmaker from New Zealand. “Page Side, Rage Side,” as you might imagine, is an interview with keyboard player Page McConnell. Dr. Gordz is played by Michael “Soft G” Gordon and Page by Chairman of the Boards. Key-tar, anyone? Theremin?

“Dr. Gordz” Episode 3: Page Side, Rage Side from Nicholas Setteducato on Vimeo.


In installment one, Dr. Gordz, credited as Cactus Gordeaux, attempts to interview Fish (Henrietta Tubman), but Fish goes off the rails in “Devotion to a Dream.” You might want to listen to Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” before you watch. Cultural references and Phish references coming flying by. Of particular interest is a fake concert poster in Fish’s bathroom. This poster DOES exist, the concert did NOT, one of numerous fake poster sold at head shops for more than 20 years: Frank Zappa at California State College 11.08.72 — it was Cal. State U. by then, and Zappa was on the East Coast.

“Dr. Gordz” Episode 1: Devotion to a Dream from Nicholas Setteducato on Vimeo.


In the second segment, Dr. Gordz, again portrayed by Cactus Gordeaux, talks to Trey about “Bad Reviews.” Trey is credited to Bad Lieutenant.

“Dr. Gordz” Episode 2: Bad Reviews from Nicholas Setteducato on Vimeo.


In the Jambase article about these videos, they note:

“Setteducato makes the videos out of a labor of love as they are not monetized and come in support of the Phish community. Nick asks that if viewers enjoy the clip they donate to The WaterWheel FoundationMockingbird Foundation or the Southern Poverty Law Center, the beneficiary of tonight’s Dinner And A Movie archival video broadcast.”

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