Paul Fournier (Wild Root): New Song “Say Oh”

When we first encountered WildRoot, they were a Sarasota fusion quintet fronted by guitarist Paul Fournier, and they were really good. More a year or so ago, we noted: “Wild Root successfully mixes rock, fusion, R&B, Latin, and hip hop throughout their sets.” Then, several months ago, we realized: “Sarasota’s WildRoot is another band that has really reinvented itself, this time as an outstanding ‘hard soul’ trio with powerful vocals.”

WildRoot emerged as Paul Fournier’s band name but now is recognized as his stage alias; WildRoot and Paul Fournier are inextricably linked. Fournier is a fine solo artist, writing most of the music he performs, singing and playing guitar.

So what, exactly, do you call WildRoot music? The bottom line is soul music swirled with rock. The R&B vibes are evident in everything Fournier does. This new single, “Say Oh,” is a perfect example. Trevoris Scott plays bass and drums, which was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fournier and Scott.

Trevoris Scott & Caleb Sanders – WildRoot – Scott Hopkins

The opening percussion props up Fournier’s lovely guitar work. The song has a great lilt to it which matches Fournier’s soaring vocals throughout. The rhythm section is so solid here, with some nice flashes from Sanders.

Paul Fournier (WildRoot) wrote about the song’s meaning and message:

This song represents breaking free from interior and exterior barriers that we allow to control our lives and ultimately keep us away from living our destinies.

I hope this song can give listeners that sense of acknowledgment for the unique value they have inside themselves and let that aid them through this tragic time that history man coin ‘The Coronavirus Era.’

Growing up, I was a self-conscious kid who got in the way of myself, listened to the critics, and was a clinical people pleaser. I’m still a people pleaser from time to time, but I learn to accept myself more and more every day, let things go, and keep moving. I was an alcoholic and have been sober for more than two years. I’m always grateful, because I’m always learning about myself and the world around me. It never stops, and I hope my listeners can bask in the sweetness of that journey, too.

The song will be available on the usual platforms Friday, June 12. Do yourself a favor: check it out.

Paul Fournier – WildRoot – Scott Hopkins


Paul Fournier (WildRoot)

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