Magic Beans Serve Up Some Delicious Old-School Funk and Soul with Plenty of Jam

The Colorado music cup runneth over with love, jam, and old-school funk, especially as it pertains to Magic Beans, the Boulder quartet who have just released their second single, “Watchu Wanna Do,” on Color Red Music. These gents have been tearing up the scene for some time and are now upping the ante with their relationship with Eddie Roberts and all that Color Red has to offer. The first song issued was “Evil Eye.”

Magic Beans are: Casey Russell, vocals, keyboards; Scott Hachey, guitar; Chris Duffy, bass; and Cody Wales, drums. The tracks were produced by Roberts, who was also the tracking engineer and mixing engineer at Color Red Studios. Mastering engineer was Doug Krebs, done at Doug Krebs Mastering.

Magic Beans

“Watchu Gonna Do” is such a breath of fresh air, from the brilliant guitar lines played by Hachey to the tighter-than-tight rhythm section of Duffy and Wales. The real revelation here is Russell’s magnificent voice, as the organ washes over . These guys are smooth in the very best sense of the word. Hachey’s guitar solo is reminiscent of that clean style employed by Roberts and by the late Grant Green. Russell has a nice synth solo here as well. This is some deluxe old-school funky soul right here.

The previous track, the instrumental “Evil Eye,” is more delicious old-school funk. Hachey is out front and center here on guitar, and as you close your eyes you can drift right along with him, and then there’s that great little stop-go beat. Wales has the drum stuff locked down as the song spins on Russell’s synths and Duffy’s nasty bass. That Khruangbin vibe is certainly present.

And, in case you didn’t catch it, they had a spectacular 16-minute jam as part of Live from Out There! in March. Fast-forward in to the 4:50 mark and settle back!

Magic Beans are playing this weekend at the sold-out Beanstalk: At the Drive-In! They are playing at Holiday Twin Drive-In Friday June 26 and Saturday June 27 for two nights of Magic Beans, Kitchen Dwellers, and Cycles. Kicking off the evening Friday night is Ft. Collins’ own Great Salmon Famine, and Saturday is one of Denver’s hottest up-and-coming soul acts, Envy Alo. THIS ONE IS SOLD OUT. They will do it again July 17 and 18; get your tickets ASAP!


Magic Beans

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