30 Minutes For Justice: A Fundraiser for Black Lives Matter and The Playing For Change Foundation

Guitarist extraordinaire Vaylor Trucks shared this message about the project Jeff Franca was proposing, which will livestream Friday, June 26, at 1 p.m. PDT (4 p.m. EDT):

“Jeff Franca asked me to participate in some collaborative music, I was honored and more than happy to participate. And I am now beyond thrilled to share with you some details about the amazing thing Jeff has done. Below is Jeff’s description of this collaboration”:

Jeff Franca & the usual suspects – Photo credit: Brad Hodge Photography & Jam Cruise

“In the beginning of this pandemic, I started something that I thought would be fun for me and some of my friends to stay connected. As time went by and the project evolved, it became something more than I ever imagined. Upon the death of George Floyd and the social revolution happening throughout the world, I saw an opportunity to give back. So instead of raising money for our own prosperity and artist relief, I decided to devote my efforts to this movement: a movement for education, equality, anti-racism, police reform, social reform, and a new approach to our world as a whole. Our black brothers and sisters have been oppressed for too long. The unity and diversity represented in this video represent the movement that we need to see towards understanding inclusion and ONENESS!! As we were about to release the video and fundraiser a couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Playing For Change, who have been working towards a better world with their creative efforts as well. They wanted to team up and help the cause!

This Friday, June 26, ETHNO, in partnership with Playing For Change, will present 30 Minutes for Justice, a fundraiser for Black Lives Matter and Playing For Change Foundation.

I want the format of the video to be a surprise, but you will see each of these amazing artists contributing to an original 30-minute composition organically grown from love, passion, and commitment to a better world.

Thanks to Live For Live Music, Jon Phillips, Kunj Shah, Sara Shah, and Annabel Lukins Stelling for helping me connect with the artists. Thanks to Add Noise Studios / Mike Tallman for donating his design skills, and I want to thank this whole lineup of my friends for believing in this and making it a reality. Please share and tune in Friday. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $20,000 for our two causes. We will air an open table discussion that we the artists had about our experiences, feelings, and actions at this time of revolution, growth and change. Stay strong, my people. I can’t wait to share our revolutionary contribution to a more educated world that has zero tolerance for racism, discrimination, police brutality, and hate. Thank you, ONE LOVE!!”


30 Minutes for Justice

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