Prepare Yourself for the “Iron Fist”: New Music from DJ Williams’ Shots Fired

First of all, his name is DJ Williams. No doubt he can also deejay, but that’s not what DJ Williams is mainly about. He is a superb guitarist and vocalist who first appeared on our radar after an amazing debut album on Harmonized Records back in 2005 titled Projekt Management, and for the past 15 years he has been blazing a trail which has now led to the first of four tracks from the new Color Red album by DJ Williams’ Shots Fired.

Shots Fired is a project Williams put together several years ago, with several singles and an album in 2018. In addition to Williams’ 2009 solo album Eleven, he is universally known as the guitarist and vocalist with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, featured on hundreds and hundreds of concerts and on KDTU recordings New Ammo (2014) and Gnomes and Badgers (2019).

DJ Williams with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe – Photo credit: Mandi Nulph

DJ Williams’ Shots Fired are: DJ Williams, electric guitar; Dan Africano, electric bass guitar; Kowan Turner, drums; Joe Tatton (The New Mastersounds), electric organ; Scott Flynn, trombone; Nick Gerlach, saxophone; and André Mali, trumpet. The album was produced by Josh Fairman of SunSquabi and Analog Son and by Eddie Roberts of The Mastersounds. Fairman also did the tracking and mixing at Color Red Studios. Mastering was done at Doug Krebs Mastering by Krebs.

“Iron Fist” is the first of four cinematic movie theme-inspired tracks on the album. One track will be released each month until the complete project is finally unveiled in August. This funked-up song puts you squarely in the midst of an action movie, this one depicting ‘The Samurai,’ straight-up power funk with tremendous accents from the horn trio. June’s release will characterize ‘The Cowboy,’ then ‘The Seductress’ in July, and finally ‘The Villian.’

From the Color Red press release:

Williams proclaims that he’s always been a huge fan of film scores and has been seeking to dive into that realm for the past three years. Keeping that style in mind, he has been incorporating cinematic music into his live performances and has seen a very positive reaction. Collaborating with Color Red was the perfect fit to put his cinematic concept into action. Having moved to Denver two years ago and having known Eddie Roberts for a few years prior, the straight-to-tape vibe fit like a glove.

And Williams offered:

“Music is always great at painting a picture or a mood, so that’s where these four characters come into play. They’re the main inspiration behind creating each one of these tracks.” 


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