Orange Blossom Jamboree 10.5: The Safe-at-Home Edition

By mid-March of this year, it was becoming apparent that it was unsafe for music festivals to operate. As the dominos began to fall, Florida’s yearly celebration of great music from the Sunshine State, Orange Blossom Jamboree, would have to cancel its eleventh iteration May 13-17 at Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville.

Pattie Boates & Volke Mon

But that got the Energizer Bunny to thinking… and then working. You might not know the Energizer Bunny by name, but you know him if you’ve been to OBJ the past few years. His name is Volke Mon, assisted by energizer Bunny #2, Pattie Boates. You know them because they had that badass double-monitor video system set up under the main pavilion that captured all the action at the two adjacent stages, Cypress and Citrus. Not only that, but he had cameras set up at the remote Zombie Stage as well.

Volke Mon with his audio/video setup

Volke Mon contacted Toby and Russ Bowers, the wonderful braintrust behind OBJ, to ask if it would be possible to do what countless other festivals are doing: put up live content and more in honor of the event we would be missing. Of course, that was a huge YES. Volke Mon then reached out to others for help, including MC PK, photographers Arielle D’Ornellas and Matt Hillman, scene muse Tina Praino, and others for content and involvement. Some of the vendors have also contributed. Everyone was equally excited about the possibilities.

And now OBJ 10.5 is almost upon us.

Every band for whom there is footage from 2019 will be live-streamed, with graphics to explain each set. Each will also have donation information for each band or performer, and there may also be the opportunity to donate to OBJ itself.

The schedule will follow last year’s. Volke Mon is working out the details about including sets from the Zombie Stage. All the relevant details about schedule and how and where to watch and listen will be shared early tomorrow (Wednesday). The livestream starts Wednesday, May 13, at 4:20 (of course), followed by the first OBJ performance from HoneyWhat!

Whether you are a dedicated OBJer or just want to see some of the spectacular music that cascades regularly from Florida, please tune in Thursday and as often as you can throughout the weekend! This is your best opportunity to SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC right now!

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