OBJ 10.5 Starts Today. Here’s How to Watch.

The livestream OBJ 10.5 begins this afternoon (Wednesday, May 13) at 4:20 EDT. The general plan is to follow the Orange Blossom Jamboree schedule from 2019 using all of the fabulous videos captured by Volke Mon and Pattie Boates. There will also be photo montages from previous years (thanks to Arielle D’Ornellas and Matt Hillman), announcements from MC PK, and reflections from muse Tina Praino.

The crew – OBJ Photo credit: Mandi Nulph



Wednesdays Artists will be:

(3) Full Sets : HoneyWhat, Este’s Church of Love and Antelope.

(2) 10 min ‘Zombie Nuggets’ : Victoria Cardona and Stephanie Perez/Stephanie D’Angelo Trio

20 minute ‘Zombie Dose’ from Grindstone Sinners

1 min reading from Tina Praino



The watch party each day will stream on the Facebook page for OBJ:




Get ready. The fun has only just begun! OBJ 10.5!


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