Lucas de Mulder & The New Mastersounds: “Come Out at Night”

Oh, my goodness! In the midst of this pandemic and staying at home, so much great music has been surfacing. By far, one of the most outstanding “new” artists we’ve heard is Lucas de Mulder, a truly spectacular guitarist who reminds us so much of Grant Green and Eddie Roberts. The press release says:

This collaboration spurred from a summer night in Madrid where de Mulder and Eddie Roberts jammed at The Intruso Bar after a Matador! Soul Sounds performance. A few weeks later, Lucas sent Eddie a demo and was invited out to Denver for Eddie to produce his next album.

Lucas de Mulder & Eddie Roberts at The Intruso Bar

Lucas de Mulder takes a cinematic composition approach on “Come Out at Night” featuring Simon Allen and Joe Tatton of The New Mastersounds and Nate Edgar of The Nth Power. De Mulder envisioned a night driving scene where the driver takes in a new city intensely observing unfamiliar scenery and soaks in everything around them.

This new track, “Come Out at Night,” might require a new definition of some sort, because this is some of the most beautiful smooth jazz (NOT to be confused with “smooth jazz”) we’ve heard in ages. Allen’s time is, as always, perfection, and Tatton’s Hammond B3 wraps itself around de Mulder’s guitar. And Edgar does what he does best, laying down that gorgeous bass groove.

This is the second single from the full-length album Feel the Spirit (this seems appropriate, thinking about Grant Green’s Feelin’ the Spirit) to be released on Color Red this year, produced by Eddie Roberts.

The first single, “Ginger Beat,” which came out in February, is a driving uptempo groove, even more like Green, Roberts, and The New Mastersounds. Allen dances over his kit, Tatton again on Hammond B3, Edgar pumping the track’s pulse. We cannot wait for the whole album to land!

Lucas de Mulder — Facebook banner by Dazz



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