Rev. Funky D: “Don’t Ever Sell Yourself Short”

The Godfather of the Tampa Bay music scene has passed on. He fought a ferocious battle with cancer for years, and honestly we were so pleased that we were able to bask in his presence for much longer than we expected, including at Hometeam New Year’s Rally in December. We all remember Keep Funky D Funky.

The cascade of loving Facebook posts about Darryl Quesenberry all mentioned the support and encouragement he gave to almost ever member of the Tampa Bay music community. And one comment of his will continue to resonate for ages to come, his blessed memory with us always:


“Don’t Ever Sell Yourself Short”

P.S. To quote Hillary Carpenter: “When this settles down, I’ll be wherever we’re celebrating Funky D. That’s the first thing.” AMEN

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