“House of Lett” is Third Single from New Lettuce Album

It’s a great time to be a Lettuce fan. The New York sextet are prime exponents of funk, jam, rock, soul, and much more, as their sixth album Elevate amply demonstrated last year. In February, the band released, “Checker Wrecker,” the go-go single from new album Resonate, due to land May 8 on Round Hill Records. Somewhere in there, they also issued single “Ndugu,” presumably named for Leon “Ndugu” Chancler. And, too far under the radar, drummer Adam Deitch issued a superb jazz album last year called Egyptian Secrets.

Now the band has given us a second single, “House of Lett,” while we roll up to the May 8 release date of the album. Bass player Erick “Jesus” Coomes explains:

Some of us like to freak out with our beaks out, take off our shoes and get lost in the music until we enter another dimension. So, we did this song in honor of all the ravers, dancers, DJs, party-going sandy-feet-dancing desert dwellers, house-loving people of all ethnicities, walks of life and ages… and mainly, mainly, mainly for the LOVE. Peace Love Unity and Respect.


Works for us! Get you some Lettuce. Lee always does!



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