Viva La Lucha; Andy Frasco pins BIG Something in Nashville; Billy Strings Tags In.

The Basement East, Nashville | 1/31/20


Lets get ready to ruuumble, er, chuckle!

Friday night, the BIG Something vs. Andy Frasco and the U.N. Royal Rumble Tour 2020 made its way through Nashville. Guest announcer and comedian Kyle Ayers got the evening warmed up with a string of jokes and even managed a dive from the top rope to set the mood for the evening. Ayers was, in my mind, hilarious. He was quick-witted, managed to pull out location-aware comedy flawlessly, and held a touch jaw as a large crowd swung back at him. Absolutely worth getting to the warmup.

Kyle Ayers crowd surfs


Now for the main event

Frasco and friends entered the ring first, carrying their secret weapon with them, a large bottle of Jameson. Frasco was in rare form this evening, coming with characteristic energy that was invigorated by the large crowd’s support, speaking on dealing with the hurt he felt at the loss of basketball legend Kobe Bryant.  For this battle, Andy was pulling out no stops and tagged in a ringer while in the music city. Not only did they manage to get BIG Something’s Jesse Hensley to betray his compatriots, but he brought out the amazing Billy Strings for a stirring performance of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer,” followed by an epic three-way guitar duel. Carter King of indie rock outfit Futurebirds even hopped in for a bit, though hewas met with technical difficulties and got stuck in the ropes.

Andy Frasco shot by Zach Sanders
Billy Strings and Shawn Eckels shot by Zach Sanders



To finish and seal the deal, Frasco chose to wear his heart on his sleeve, reminding the crowd to live in the moment. Then, in true wrestling fashion, he pulled out a chair to finish off the question of the evening’s winner, bat mitzvah style.



Andy Frasco shot by Zach Sanders


Time for a smack down

After the brutalizing dealt out by the gentlemen in the U.N., it was unclear how BIG Something could possibly swing back. But swing they did, with a stacked setlist to match. Amazing songs like “Plug,” “Megolodon,” and “Getaway” set the tone for the evening, but the real kick of it all was getting the evening’s heel guitar mad man, Shawn Eckels, to turn on the Frasco camp and come out to both sing and play guitar on the infamous “For Those About to Rock” by AC/DC. In the end, win, lose, or draw, however, the entire crew came together for an amazing encore. We cannot wait to see both of these bands back in the area in June for their performances at Bonnaroo. Catch the Royal Rumble Tour as it heads to a city near you!



Big Something shot by Zach Sanders
Big Something shot by Zach Sanders
Big Something shot by Zach Sanders

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