The Doors’ Robby Krieger Offers New Single Ahead of Zappa- and Jazz-Influenced Album in April

Guitarist Robby Krieger just debuted “The Drift,” a song from his new album The Ritual Begins At Sundown, which is set to release April 24. For this album, Krieger has again collaborated with Arthur Barrow, a former Frank Zappa band member, and Barrow has enlisted other Zappa members as well, with trumpet player Sal Marquez, drummer Chad Wackerman, and Tommy Mars, keyboards. It promises to be tilted toward Zappa and jazz.

In fact, every Robby Krieger solo album has featured players who worked with Zappa:

Robbie Krieger & Friends (1977): Sal Marquez, trumpet, ARP bass, piano, arrangements; Joel Peskin, tenor sax, baritone sax, piccolo; and Gary Barone, trumpet

Versions (1982): Barrow, bass; Don Preston, keyboards; and Marquez, trumpet

Robby Krieger (1985): Barrow, bass; Preston, keyboards

No Habla (1989): Barrow: bass, guitar, keyboards, programming

Cinematic (2000): Barrow, bass, organ

Singularity (2010): Barrow, production, bass, clavinet, engineer, guitar, piano, mixing; Vinnie Colaiuta, drums; Walt Fowler, trombone; Marquez, trumpet; Tommy Mars, keyboards; Albert Wing, tenor sax

About jazz, Krieger noted:

“When I wrote songs for The Doors, it was always the music first. I think you have to have some musical ability to really understand jazz. When I was young, I didn’t really understand it. It took me a while. I was going to the clubs with John Densmore — before The Doors — to really get an appreciation of jazz. At first, I didn’t really get it, but after a while, it sank in, and I always loved it after that.”

Krieger’s new band is The New Experience, which features Ed Roth on keyboards, Brandino on bass, and Dale Alexander on drums. They sail today (February 27) on the Rock Legends Cruise.

Robby Krieger’s The New Experience

Here is the album track listing. Interestingly, his name is being spelled Robby Krieger, not Robbie Krieger. After the first several Doors albums, it changed from Robby to Robbie on Soft Parade. He did not change back to Robby until his eponymous 1985 album.

[The Ritual Begins at Sundown: What Was That?, Slide Home, The Drift, Chunga’s Revenge, Hot Head, Yes, the River Knows, The Hitch, Dr. Noir, Bianca’s Dream, Screen Junkie]



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