Space Jesus Moon.Landing Tour: Clear for Landing or Abort Mission?

Nashville 2/22/20

EDM mastermind Space Jesus  (real name Jasha Tull) brought his Moon.Landing tour through Nashville this past weekend, and while it landed there were a few bumps along the way.

The Good:

The best thing about this show was undoubtedly when the night’s headliner, Space Jesus himself, took the stage. The moment he stepped on stage, the entire production got turned to 11 in the best way possible. His bass hit deeper, the soundstage seemed wider, individual tracks were far more recognizable, and the light! I could write this entire article just talking about the lights. Lighting designer and mastermind Tyler Ellis is truly a master of his craft, making the work he did on the lighting just as important as the music itself. I’ve seen hundreds of shows between festivals and independent tours from acts that are tiny to those that are larger than life, and this was easily in my top 3. The combination of these two audio and visual wizards may be the answer to what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

Space Jesus shot by Zach Sanders


The Less Good:

This section is prefaced by me saying that while I enjoy EDM, I am far from an expert. I mostly dip my toes in the bigger to mid-tier acts and whatever pops up on my Spotify radio stations. I had never heard of any of the opening acts for this  tour, but as with anything I went into it with an open mind. I wanted to enjoy them; I really did, but they just did not quite do it for me. I do not blame them, they honestly did nothing truly offensive, but they also did not do anything to stand out, and I think that is where my issues begin. They were all bland acts that just did not have anything that sounded like a unique and individual sound, at least not individual enough to really strike a chord. That semi-monotony was not aided by playing times. Each opener played for at least a full hour, and after three hours of uninspired noise it was just time for it to be over.


Tsuruda shot by Zach Sanders


Tiedye Ky shot by Zach Sanders


ONHELL shot by Zach Sanders


The Verdict:

Overall, the Moon.Landing tour is great. Space Jesus and Tyler Ellis come together to make one of the most magical audio and visual experiences currently available. If there is one takeaway it is that unless you like your shows slightly long-winded and are really dedicated to the dancing aspect, it might be a solid choice to wait until a little longer to arrive to the venue after the show’s start time.


Space Jesus Moon.Landing Tour





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