DYNOHUNTER: Dance Party on Steroids

All of us who have fully immersed ourselves in music have a list of bands and musicians we love to see and hear often. And then there is a smaller list, usually a handful of bands and artists who just move us in ways almost impossible to explain. They’re the ones you never, ever want to miss.


Not sure how many are on my short list, but I know it includes Electric Kif, The Fritz, and Guavatron. And DYNOHUNTER. (Going for a straight, apparently: D-E-F-G.) Accordingly, here’s a confluence of truisms:

Never miss a Sunday show.
Never miss a Dunedin Brewery show.
Never miss a DYNOHUNTER show.

The necessary corollary of which must be:

Never, ever, ever miss a Sunday night DYNOHUNTER show at Dunedin Brewery.

So I didn’t.

Clark Smith & Nic Thornsberry – DYNOHUNTER

DYNOHUNTER are a Boulder trio who play livetronic, the perfect mix of EDM and live jamtronica, with a powerful visceral hook — music that just grabs you and makes you move. Make no mistake: DYNOHUNTER are a dance band. Yes, they jam, and yes, they rock, but, more than anything else, they make you dance. That’s why they played the dance stage at Brainquility Music and Arts Festival at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park Saturday and then headed to Dunedin for more than two hours of non-stop dance music. Powerful deep house music, killer acid jazz, trance-dance.

Fred Reisen – DYNOHUNTER

Clark Smith commands stage right (house left), playing keyboards, percussion, and tenor saxophone and handles DJ production duties, meaning tracks the band has pre-recorded to mix with their live set. Nic Thornsberry plays the drum kit and SPD-SX, an electronic drum pad. Fred Reisen on stage left (our right) plays bass and synth. Watching each one work is a revelation. Smith is titanic on sax; it would be amazing — however briefly — to hear him a straight-up jazz session. Then his hands are dancing over the keyboards and production computer, or he’s grabbed some percussion instrument. Thornsberry is a relentless engine, powering the trio, occasionally backing off the gas before speed-shifting up. Reisen dances as he plays, rocking back and forth, leaning in to connect with Thornsberry.

Nic Thornsberry – DYNOHUNTER

It’s pure magic. The first long set (Sunday, February 9) was excellent, but the second set was off the charts. As is their wont, they keep the party going during the set, one continuous jam, except that it’s NOT a jam; these are all songs worked out and released by the band in single form, EPs, or live tracks.


One last thing in the Questions You Should Have Thought About Before You Asked category:

This weekend was part of our intermittent “winter.” For two days, the temperature dropped into the 40s in Tampa. At Brainquility, it hit freezing, reminiscent of some Bear Creek and AURA festivals back in the day. I asked Reisen if it was cold up there (forgetting completely that they are from Boulder). He answered:

“Clark and I were skiing Friday.”


What Boulder boys DYNOHUNTER do before a Florida show!



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