Concert Review: Cory Asbury Comes Alive at South Florida Fair

It was an exceptional and uplifting night of music as Christian rocker Cory Asbury played in front of a packed house at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach on Sunday night. Asbury returned home and delivered a moving night of music.

Cory Asbury – Photo: Rick Munroe MFN

Asbury, who hasn’t performed in concert in over a year, clearly hasn’t lost his ability to captivate the emotions of his fans through the profound yet spiritual connection he shares with them. Through his music, Asbury’s lyrics speak of love, forgiveness, and the human condition. He knows how to deliver his message through a type of rock music that balances out those feelings of love and spirituality.

With Asbury on lead vocals and guitar along with his band, they led into crowd-favorite “Reckless Love,” a song which brought people to tears, as it is one of his more heartfelt songs. “Reckless Love” comes from his latest 10-track album of the same name. The spiritual impact of this song could be felt from the front row to the last as people stood with hands slowly waving from side to side as they sang his mega-hit song word for word. Asbury’s powerful voice filled the hall with beautiful vocal runs and riffs.

There were several moments throughout the night where the singer interacted with the crowd. Asbury shared central moments of his life, including his belief in God and the love for his family. Asbury continued on with his music, something the crowd was eager for with songs filled with passion and determination.

For Asbury, it was a return home of sorts as he was born in Fort Lauderdale. However, his formative years were spent in the mountains of North Carolina, the place that had its greatest impact on him both musically and spiritually. As a young man, Asbury led worship study at his local church. His commitment to desiring a life in ministry led him to the International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC) the place where his music career took off. Today, Asbury serves as the worship pastor at Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Cory Asbury – Photo: Rick Munroe MFN

Asbury has been around for a while, and it’s plain to see why. He is beloved by young fans and old and has been nominated for several coveted music awards, including a Grammy Award in 2019. He has a remarkable ability for songwriting and just recently he re-released “Reckless Love” as a duet with Tori Kelly. Asbury and Kelly have taken the song into a new direction, reaching a global audience with the already commercially successful hit song.

As the night came to a close, it was clear the crowd wanted more. On this night, Asbury delivered exactly what they came for, a chance to experience faith and music with friends and loved ones along with a sense of spirituality that bridges the gaps in everything that divides us. As the crowd left the building, it was clear they got what they came for.

Cory Asbury and his band – Photo: Rick Munroe MFN

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