The Sensational Marcus King

It was a rainy Friday night in Columbus, Ohio, and fans waited eagerly outside for the doors to open at The Newport Music Hall for The Marcus King Band, and within 20 minutes of the doors opening, tickets sold out. Hopeful fans turned to ticket scalpers outside, but only a few were lucky enough to catch themselves a resale ticket, because those too ran out just as fast. When entering the medium-sized rock venue, people were packed in like sardines with one of the largest crowds I’ve ever seen in the Newport Music Hall that holds 1,700 people. As I carefully made my way to the front, I only heard talk about Marcus King and how unbelievable he is or how excited people were, which only grew my own excitement. As Marcus King entered the stage with his band, the crowd roared loudly. A fellow photographer turned to me and said, “I cant wait to see your face when he starts playing,” and I thought to myself, this truly must be something special I am about to witness, and yes, it truly was.

Marcus King / Photo By Maria Cardillo

Young, electrifying, and full of soul, Marcus King blew me away with his outstanding guitar playing and the voice of a blues-rock angel. For only being 23 years old, King channels musical styles and guitar playing comparable to The Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Adding in a notable horn section, bassist, keyboardist and a drummer, The Marcus King Band creates a perfect jam-blues-rock world you want to get lost in forever.

The Marcus King Band played songs from his older albums as well as debuting a couple new songs from his upcoming solo album El Dorado. After the first encore, the band performed “Goodbye Carolina” from their 2018 Carolina Confessions album, a chilling song about leaving home and moving on with a strong emotional build that moved me to tears. After playing a couple more songs, the band left the stage for what many thought would be it, but The Marcus King Band surprised us all again with a second encore of three more songs, including a special holiday tune. After playing his final song, “The Well”, a single from El Dorado, his passion and humble attitude radiated, leaving us fans grinning from ear to ear.

Marcus King / Photo by Maria Cardillo

The Marcus King Band has become one of the most notable new bands in today’s rock scene by being able to bring such a unique range in style and overall talent. Marcus King is on a path to nothing but stardom, and you should catch him if you can. The El Dorado tour continues for just a couple more days, so do yourself a favor and go for a guaranteed spiritual awakening.


Marcus King Band

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