Zach’s Top 5 Festivals of 2019

As the year comes to a close and next summer’s festivals are starting to reveal lineups, I wanted to take a moment to recap my top festivals of the year 2019. I attended a lot of new-to-me festivals this year and want to spread that love to you all! These are in no particular order, as they all have something that could rank them above or below another for a different reason.


Buku Music + Arts Project

New Orleans, LA


Buku was my first-ever all EDM festival, and what a time it was.  Festivals are known for costumes already, but the EDM crowd likes to go HARD with getting dressed up. Not only that, but because of the type of music, crowds are filled with an energy that fills the air. If you like to dance and get down, this is the festival for you.


Suwannee Hulaween

Live Oak, FL


Hulaween is one of my top festivals in general. No other festival I’ve attended has had as much amazing art and music packed into an amazing camping experience. The festival faced some issues in the public spotlight this past year due to some financial dificulties but still managed to come out and put on an amazing 2019 festival, and we look forward to seeing them back in 2020!

Shot by Zach Sanders


Exit 111

Manchester, TN


Sharing a home with Bonnaroo, one of the biggest and most well-known festivals in the country, is hard, especially when the festival you’re throwing is about as different from that big name as you can get. Exit 111 came out and owned its own identity.  Some fans may have come expecting a fall Bonnaroo but left knowing exactly what festival they had attended. Swinging hard with an amazing lineup, we hope the trend continues, and we get a sophomore appearance from the new event.

Fever 333


Railbird Music Festival

Lexington, KY


Speaking of first-year events that knocked it out of the park, Railbird is another upstart festival that I’m looking forward to seeing back next year. The festival, which shares grounds with the famous Keeneland Racetrack and boasts a boatload of premium amenities when buying upgraded packages, has a lot to offer to fans, including big-name talent as well as one of the best undercards of the entire year for me. This was one festival where I wished I could make it to every minute of every show.

Shot by Zach Sander


Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

Manchester, TN


Any list I make would be a lie if it didn’t include Bonnaroo. This festival is where I got my start in attending festivals, and with the direction the festival moved in 2019, I’m looking forward to being able to continue calling it my favorite for years to come. The addition of Where in the Woods, a late-night venue with various fun installations to entertain and tantalize, definitely points to the festival working to increase options for entertainment for fans. Early announcements of new points of entry and various other changes are also looking promising, and I couldn’t be more excited to get back to the farm.

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