Widespread Panic Returns for 3-Day Run at the Riverside in Milwaukee

Bringing the heat once again to what is arguably the best indoor venue Widespread Panic plays, the band settled in for three glorious days at the  Milwaukee Riverside Theatre October 25-27.

Thanks as always to Everyday Companion for the setlists and PanicStream for the music streams!


Bringing the heat once again to what is arguably the best indoor venue Widespread Panic plays (Milwaukee Riverside Theatre, October 25-27), the Six-Headed Monster opened up the show with “Greta” into a smoking “Do What You Like,” and that would kick things off and get the momentum going for night one. Highlight of the first set was the return of “Traveling Man,” which had not made it on the setlist since 03/13/18.

Sunny Ortiz – WSP Milwaukee 19 – Jeff Fernandez

Second set started with Sunny Ortiz solo into “Drums” and then into “Pleas” to get the crowd going. Second set highlights: “Genesis,” “Big Wooly Mammoth” and a crowd-pleasing “Pigeons” to end the second set. Encore: “Expiration Day > Sleeping Man,” and night one was in the books. A great show of classics, and what was next? We are ready!

John Bell – WSP Milwaukee 19 – Jeff Fernandez

[WSP 10/25/19 ONE: Greta > Do What You Like > Blue Indian, You Should Be Glad, Rebirtha, Travelin’ Man > Vacation, Chilly Water; TWO: Drums > Pleas > Weight Of The World, Cotton Was King, Genesis, North, Sundown Betty, Big Wooly Mammoth, Up All Night, 1 x 1 > Pigeons; E: Expiration Day, Sleeping Man]

Widespread Panic – 10/25/2019 – Milwaukee, WI


Saturday night in Milwaukee, and our most favorite band took us to another level, opening up with “Sharon” (David Bromberg), and it was about to explode with Jojo Hermann and “Bust It Big,” and the energy continued to rise. Next up: “New Blue,” only the fifth time played. “Stop-Go > Driving Song > C.Brown > Driving Song” ending the set with “Space Wrangler.”   

Jimmy Herring – WSP Milwaukee 19 – Jeff Fernandez

Second set “Protein Drink” into Dave Schools crushing one of my favorites, “Blight,” always so heavy and fun, and then “Good People > Dark Bar > Goodpeople > Airplane > Second Skin > I’m Not Alone,” and the energy was near fever level, with “Tie Your Shoes” into “Sewing Machine” to end the second frenzied set of magical craziness. Encore: “Nobody’s Loss > Who Do You Belong To?” and we had night two complete.

Duane Trucks – WSP Milwaukee 19 – Jeff Fernandez

[WSP 10/26/19 ONE: Sharon > Bust It Big, New Blue > Stop-Go > Driving Song > C. Brown > Driving Song > Imitation Leather Shoes, Wondering > Space Wrangler; TWO: Protein Drink > Jam > Blight > Goodpeople > Dark Bar > Goodpeople, Airplane > Jam > Second Skin > I’m Not Alone > Tie Your Shoes > Sewing Machine; E: Nobody’s Loss, Who Do You Belong To?]

Widespread Panic – 10/26/2019 – Milwaukee, WI


Rain, chilly weather outside and complete fire inside for Sunday Service with Widespread Panic. Legions of us loyal fans are ready and waiting for Church as we know it.

Opening up with a “Good Morning Little School Girl” into a dark and dirty “Mr. Soul” and then into “Party at Your Mama’s House” kicked off a solid first set of classics, ending the first set with a Jerry Joseph favorite, “Climb To Safety.”

Dave Schools – WSP Milwaukee 19 – Jeff Fernandez

Second set and the bomb drops! Opening with “From the Cradle” (LTP 02/02/16), another one from the shelf that many of us thought was gone for good, then “Conrad the Caterpiller > St. Ex > Jaded Tourist > Bear’s Gone Fishing” and a smoking “Ride Me High > Drums > I’m So Glad.” They boys ended with a very appropriate and much loved “Fishwater” as we did have just “Four train days” ’til New Orleans.

WSP Milwaukee 19 – Jeff Fernandez

John Bell and the boys left us with and Incredible “Down on the Farm” into  “Ain’t Life Grand,” and another wonderful Milwaukee run was in the books. Thank You, Widespread Panic, Paul Hoffman, the crews, Milwaukee, all the hospitality, the food, and by far one of the best cities to host us freaky people.

WSP Milwaukee 19 – Jeff Fernandez

[WSP 10/27/19 ONE: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl > Mr. Soul, Party at Your Mama’s House > Ribs and Whiskey, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Rock, Climb to Safety; TWO: From the Cradle, Conrad, Saint Ex, Jaded Tourist, Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Ride Me High > Drums > Proving Ground, I’m So Glad, Fishwater > Drums > Fishwater; Encore: Down On The Farm, Ain’t Life Grand]

Widespread Panic – 10/27/2019 – Milwaukee, WI

Get us back to New Orleans…

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