When Bonnie Raitt Took Over The Chicken Leg Review

Catfish Hodge is a fascinating musician whose career started in Detroit, moved to D.C., then L.A., and finally Chicago. His song “Boogie Man Gonna Get You!” was enormously popular in the Tampa area, because AM rockers WFSO used to blast that song every day, to our delight.

Hodge had a band for a time called Chicken Legs that included Paul Barrere, Kenny Gradney, and Richie Hayward of Little Feat (before the band reformed in 1987). In November of 1982, while on a visit to Baltimore and Washington, my brother got us tickets to go see The Chicken Leg Review at The Wax Museum. That place really was a wax museum before it reinvented itself as a bar. All I recall was that Nixon was standing in the hallway and an astronaut was floating over the bar.

Bonnie Raitt – The Glow – 1979

Hodge was the star of the show, of course, with his hit single “Gimme That Chicken Leg.” It was a great show with guitarists Barrere and Cornell Dupree tearing it up. However, the place went nuts when Bonnie Raitt, replete in red miniskirt and red go-go boots, got on stage and kicked everybody’s ass off the stage. I’d seen her before, and I’ve seen her since, but that night was truly special. She was Red Hot Mama; she was smokin’!

Happy birthday to the ass-kickin’-est 70-year-old you’ll ever meet, Bonnie Raitt!

Bonnie Raitt

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