Tonight at the Millennium Center in Winston-Salem: Thanksgathering

OK, let’s be honest. You’re not getting up early Thursday, and when you do, you’ll be siting around eating and drinking and other stuff. So the best thing you can possibly do is get off your ass and dance Wednesday night to make room for some of those calories, don’t you think?

Sam Robinson – Marvelous Funkshun

If you’re near Winston-Salem, we’d got just the thing for you! The Millennium Center presents Thanksgathering, headlined by Marvelous Funkshun, Fat Cheek Kat, and Whiskey Foxtrot.

This great annual event will also featuring Gulley, Travis Grigg, Joshua Shelton, and Hyjinx.

And Foothills Brewing and Broad Branch Distillery are sponsors this year!

Whiskey Foxtrot

Doors open at 5; music cranks up at 6. You know you don’t have better plans! Thanksgathering is calling you!


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