Hometeam New Year’s Rally Returns to Maddox Ranch December 27-29

The eighth annual Hometeam New Year’s Rally returns to Maddox Ranch in Lakeland, Florida, December 27-29, and the first wave on bands awaits your approval! At Hometeam, of course, there is much more than music, with yoga and workshops coordinated by the amazing Rising Light folks and a children’s area for this very child-friendly environment.

Keep your eyes on the horizon…. ticket launch announcement coming soon! Can I get a Hometeam?

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The cry of “HOMETEAM” evokes a visceral response, one deeply embedded in those who have whole-heartedly adopted this community. It is at the same time a tightly-knit family and an arms-open-wide welcoming to all.

We mention that to remind you that, like last year’s event, this one will sell out almost immediately. Restrictions placed upon events at Maddox by the city have greatly restricted ticket sales. Watch this space or your Facebook notifications for what time the tickets will go on sale on Friday, November 22, so that you can get your tickets; you don’t want to miss this one!

Hometeam New Years Rally 2019 Lineup is Here!

The wait is over and we hope you are all as excited as we are! Tickets go on sale November 22, so keep an eye on our pages and on www.hometeamnewyears.com for more information on ticket prices and availability. We can’t wait to see you on the Ranch!Cope – The Applebutter Express – Honey Hounds – The Difference – Ajeva – The Melody Trucks Band – Holey Miss Moley – Between Bluffs – Guavatron – Custard Pie – The Reality – Bonnie Blue – The Ain't Sisters – Legacy Orchestra Collective – and more to be announced!

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So let’s take a little gander at the first wave of artists who will perform on the two main stages and the late-night stage. The list begins with the undisputed Bay area jam kings Cope. We are so pleased that they ended their hiatus and perform occasionally at events such as Hometeam and Orange Blossom Jamboree.

CopE – Mandi Nulph

It simply wouldn’t be a Hometeam event without the remarkable The Applebutter Express. Soaring vocal harmonies, outstanding mandolin, fiddle, and double bass, brilliant original songs and outrageous covers are what this quartet brings to the table.

The Applebutter Express – David Lee / Gypsyshooter

Honey Hounds are a “booty-shakin’ blues trio” from Jacksonville whose brand new album The Flame debuted today!

Spectacular prog rock and experimental fusion band The Difference just released the first single, “Efflorescent Attonement,” from their album Cycle(s) which will drop 01.01.20. They scorched at Suwannee Hulaween with a blistering set, which followed similar success at Suwannee Rising. Fasten your seatbelts.

The Difference – Scott Hopkins

Ajeva debuted their awesome new eponymous album at Dunedin Brewery OktoBEERfest, and they too rocked it at Suwannee Hulaween with deep funk and deeper messages.


It was about damn time when The Melody Trucks Band played the Amphitheatre at Suwannee Rising. This band is so stuffed with talent, and they are pleased to return to Maddox, where they debuted at Great Outdoors Jam two years ago and have played Hometeam. The album release party for Walking in Gratitude at 1904 Music Hall in September was one non-stop joy fest.

Melody Trucks Band & Vaylor Trucks. Photo credit: Frank Allen Sr.

The Holey Miss Moley juggernaut continues to roll, 11 members strong “pack”-ing a mighty punch of rock, soul, funk, R&B, Afrobeat, hip hop, and [stuff I forgot]. Horns, vocals, percussion, driving rhythm, keyboards and guitars combine for one fabulous time.

Holey Miss Moley – Mandi Nulph

When Kenny Blair put Between Bluffs in a headlining slot at Great Outdoors jam several years ago, we were surprised. That was because we hadn’t been paying attention, and Blair had. This great Dunedin quintet set their phasers on stun with a wild mix of art rock, space music, psychedelia, and prog. You’ll see.

You can look high, low, near, far, up, and down, and you still won’t find a jamtronica band better than Guavatron. Anywhere. Their funky trance-dance grooves will take you to your happy place!

Guavatron — photo by kind permission of David Lee / Gypsyshooter

The Custard Pie boys busted their odometer long ago traveling here, there and everywhere to spread the gospel of jam that they so firmly embrace. Their hard work earned them the opening slot at the inaugural Suwannee Rising, and they hit it out of the park (and that’s a pretty big park).

Custard Pie – Mandi Nulph

For a good time, call The Reality. This rollicking Tampa quartet bring the party with them wherever they go, serious funk and riotous lyrics inextricably entwined. They’ve got the Pineapple salsa, so bring your chips!

The Reality – Chuck Smalling

If Capricorn Records were still a going concern, Bonnie Blue would be starring on that label. This great Jacksonville collective embraces Southern rock with their own twists, as every groove on their debut album Don’t Look Back will attest.

Bonnie Blue

There’s a chance that the name The Ain’t Sisters is the one least familiar to you — for now. We guarantee that won’t be the case after you’ve seen them rock Hometeam, because this Atlanta quintet throws down some wicked indie rock.

The Ain’t Sisters

We were tempted to make a list of every prominent musician who has ever been drafted at some point for Legacy Orchestra Collective, but we wanted to get this preview out before Monday; that’s a damn long list. Suffice it to say that Legacy will once again curate an amazing groups of players to augment his great originals and wide-ranging covers.

Legacy Orchestra Collective – OBJ Photo credit: Matt Hillman

Now, frankly, you don’t really need to see the rest of the lineup (of course it will be unveiled shortly), because that is one heck of a party we’ve just enumerated there.


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