Emerald Quintet: Philadelphia, Brooklyn & Denver

A great new collaboration is ready to attack Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Denver this week. They go by the name Emerald Quintet, a supergroup featuring Stanton Moore (Galactic) on drums, Skerik on saxophones, Scott Metzger (JRAD) on guitar, Robert Walter (20th Congress) on keyboards, and Andy Hess, bass. Each one of these great players has a deep resume.

Here is an explanation of the band’s formation:

The foundation of the supergroup Stanton’s & Skerik’s Emerald Quintet dates back to the release of Moore’s 1998 debut solo album All Kooked Out! and Moore’s and Skerik’s first performance together at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Moore and Skerik formed Garage A Trois in 1998 and have played in multiple other formations together. Metzger and Hess, both Brooklynites, have played in at least three bands together. Metzger has played with Walter, Moore and Skerik in FrequiNOT. Hess and Moore have done studio work together with guitarist Will Bernard. “We’re just old friends, and from the first time we played together I was like ‘hell yeah,’” Skerik said. “He tells some story I was climbing on his drums during the gig and said ‘He and I will get along just fine.’ He’s one of my best friends and just an awesome drummer. Over the time I’ve known him he’s taken it very seriously and just worked his ass off, and it shows.”

The quintet will invade The Ardmore Music Hall in Philadelphia Wednesday, followed by a show Thursday at Brooklyn Bowl and then an airplane hop to Denver for Friday’s show at Cervantes.


11/20  The Ardmore Music Hall | Philadelphia PA
11/21  Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn NY
11/22  Cervantes | Denver CO

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