Electric Forest: Cheers to 10 More Years

This morning The Rothbury Village Council approved a mass gathering permit for the Electric Forest Festival with a 5-2 vote. The agreement is between the council and the event producers, Madison House, approving the fest to continue for ten more years. 2020 will mark the festival’s tenth birthday.

Within the agreement, the village earned an increase of $1.50 per ticket sold over the next ten years. They previously made $6.00 per ticket. With the event hosting around 40,000 attendees, the village earned an average of $240,000 per festival. The increase is expected to assist in paying for local improvements like road conditions.

The permit also includes the approval of an “early-day entry” for Tuesday entries with six months notice to the village. Next year the festival is set to take place June 25-28.


Electric Forest





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